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Google Drive Updates with Sorting, Improved Sheets Performance



Google has updated its Google Drive app for iOS as well as made some improvements to Google Sheets on the desktop, implementing smoother scrolling, quicker calculations with formulas and the addition of offline editing.

As for the Google Drive app on iOS, users will now be able to sort items in a long list of files that they might have stored. It’s definitely not a huge addition to the Google Drive app, but it can be mighty useful for those wanting to keep track of a handful of files or need to find a specific file quickly.

The app also comes with the usual bug fixes and performance improvements that should help the app speed right along without causing too much trouble for the user.

As for Google Sheets, it is the search giant’s own take on Microsoft’s Excel, and it’s a spreadsheet program that lets you do all sorts of neat tricks. The update that it’s receiving is for desktop users, and those using Google Sheets should see a difference in performance, thanks to improvements to scrolling and the ability to handle more cells and calculate formulas much quicker this time around.

Users can also create and edit Google spreadsheets offline, for which they will automatically upload into the ether once you get an internet connection. This feature brings Sheets up to speed with Google’s two other office suite apps — Docs and Slides. However, this feature will only work in Google Chrome and Chrome OS.

There’s also improvements to collaboration in Google Sheets, giving different users the ability to filter and sort different parts of a spreadsheet for their own personal view, which doesn’t disturb the view that other users see on the same spreadsheet. Users now also have the ability to assign different colors to sheet tabs, making it easy to differentiate different spreadsheets in a single spreadsheet file.



  1. Mark Gomez

    12/11/2013 at 11:01 am

    Anyone else notice the Script Gallery is missing with the new update?

  2. Pushka Gib'en

    12/11/2013 at 8:31 pm

    Does anyone know if this has been rolled out to Google Apps Business yet, and if Apps admins can stop this update somehow~?

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