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Google Gears Goes Mobile



It was just a question of time. Google Gears, the software that allows you to sync your Google apps online with your desktop or laptop and access that data offline has now gone mobile. Available now for the Windows Mobile platform (versions 5 and 6). Here’s a quote from the Google Mobile Blog:

Take Zoho and Buxfer, for example: Zoho is a powerful suite of web-based productivity applications, while Buxfer is an innovative personal finance web application that helps you track your money. With Google Gears for mobile integrated into mobile Zoho and Buxfer, you can now access these web applications even when your phone is disconnected from the mobile web. Stuck on a plane? No problem — you can still read your docs on your mobile with Zoho Writer Mobile offline. Want to buy that new plasma TV, but can’t remember how much is in your account? Check your balance with Buxfer’s mobile web application, even if there is no cell phone signal. Try them out on your Windows Mobile 6 device by going to or

Here’s a video that talks about how it works.



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