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Google Gets Ready To Bump Into the Browser Wars with Chrome



Here it comes. Google looks like it is getting ready to introduce its version of the browser and it is named Chrome. Phillip Lenssen drops the news and a link to a 38 page comic book that Google is distributing that lays out just what the shine behind Chrome is all about.


Chrome is an open source browser project based on WebKit and will include GoogleGears for offline work, as well as a JavaScript Virtual Machine (V8). The pictures show that tabs will be placed above the window and not below the the address bar and it looks like Google is taking a page from Opera’s playbook by including a “speed dial” feature allowing you to view your 9 most visited websites as thumbnails. There is also a privacy mode called “incognito.” Nothing you do within the “incognito” window will be logged on your computer. And like Mozilla’s Prism, web apps can be launched in their own window without an address and toolbar.

John Furrier is saying this will be launched tomorrow, so it will be interesting to see just how Google’s entry into the browser wars fares.



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