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Google Glass On Sale to Public: Here’s What You Need to Know



If you want to own one of the newest cutting edge pieces of technology made by Google, your chance is coming next week on Tuesday the 15th of April. Google broke the news this week on Google+ that they’ll be offering Google Glass to the general public, but for one day.

The wearable computing device known as Google Glass has seen its share of attention as of late, both good and bad, and now after a limited invite-only run Google will finally allow the general public to buy a pair of Google Glass.

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Being a gadget for geeks until now, not a lot is known about Google Glass by the general public, but that will soon be changing. While we can’t estimate when an actual retail product will be available, this is certainly a hint that it’s getting close. So what is Google Glass, and why should you be interested? Read on for a few more details.


Two years ago at Google’s annual developer event they announced Google Glass. Aiming to put a refined and simple version of the Android smartphone OS into a sleek pair of sunglasses, and revolutionize wearable computing. Forget the smartwatch, Google Glass is always visible and sits right above your line of sight.

How It Works

Essentially adding a decent set of specs from a smartphone in 2012 into a smaller form factor, inside of glasses, and then displays a small screen right above your eyesight. It’s actually extremely neat, works a lot like Google Now, and is all based on gestures with a control pad by your temple, or voice commands. “Ok Google, get directions” or “take a picture” and it instantly snaps a photo with the controversial 720p video 5 megapixel front facing camera.

It syncs to your Android smartphone or iPhone with Bluetooth or WiFi, and shares notifications, instantly uploads photos or videos to a gallery or Youtube, and allows for tons of touchless operations. You can make calls, get directions, reply to texts or emails and more all from Google Glass, with your phone in your pocket. Simple voice commands do almost everything, and it’s rapidly changing with monthly updates too.

Many have called Google Glass the future of computing, or a version of it at least, but it’s also been heavily criticized for privacy concerns, as well as the price. People have been banned from bars for wearing it, kicked out of movie theaters, and it’s future is still up in the air. It’s too early to tell just what Google has planned for Glass, or if it will revolutionize wearable computing, but we’re slowly getting closer to an official release date.

Last year Google finally made it available to roughly 5,000 developers that attended Google I/O for a steep $1,500 price tag. Simply because it’s cutting edge technology, a developer beta product, and a privilege. However, it has been nearly a year and that same huge price tag is still included, and they’ve allowed thousands more to buy one with invites from the original 5,000 users. However, now on Tuesday, April 15th, Google Glass will be available for the public to purchase.

We’ve heard time and time again that an actual Google Glass v2 or v3 would be coming in 2014 as an actual retail product for consumers, and rumors have stated it will be available in late 2014. Sadly there’s nothing to confirm this, but Google’s news this week allowing anyone to buy Glass is certainly a good sign. They could be putting the final touches on the program before preparing a major release.


So how much will Google Glass cost? The same $1,500 is the asking price come next week, but that shouldn’t be the final retail price. Google Glass also will come with your choice of sunglass shades or prescription lenses for free, which is nice, but early adopters like myself had to pay for those options. New users are getting more for their buck, even if it’s still extremely expensive being $1,500.

Screen Shot 2014-04-11 at 9.47.11 AM

Users took to Google+ to share their excitement over the chance to buy Google Glass, but overall it appears more are upset with the price, rather than being happy they can try it today. Obviously Google Glass is still not a retail product, no where near an official launch, but a price break for regular users (not developers) makes sense, but doesn’t appear to be coming anytime soon.

How to Get Your Own

Late last year Google started taking names of those interested in Glass, and now they’ll be having a one-day sale for potential buyers to get their own. The company is being rather quiet on its plans, and could still be testing the water to see just how much excitement and traction Google Glass really has, before they announce anything further. We’d like to think this is a sign that a sub-$500 retail product is coming sometime later this year, but it’s too hard to tell.

As a reminder, last month Google announced Android Wear. A new operating system for wearables like smartwatches or Google Glass, which brings Google Now and voice controls to a beautiful new user interface. We’re expecting new Android Wear smartwatch options like the Moto 360 to launch in late June. If we had to guess, Google is preparing to launch a full attack on wearable computing devices this summer.

Learn more and get your own set of Google Glass from their online storefront.



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