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Google Glass Prescriptions and Insurance: Google’s Secret Weapon?



Google Glass prescriptions are in the works and according to our source, a major vision insurance company is already listing a Google Glass Prescriptions option which is another sign that a larger Google Glass release may be close.

Our source confirmed a listing for Google Glass in a vision insurance listing, but was not able to tell if this is part of a Google Glass Explorer plan or preparation for a public Google Glass release.

Google started shipping Google Glass 2, a slight change in design last month promising better support for users who need prescriptions. The source was at a convention for Optometrists recently where an insurance company invited eye doctors to check out Google Glass and to see some prescription lens options including Google Glass frames for uses who need a prescription.

With frames, Google Glass blends in.

With frames, Google Glass blends in.

The Glass options looked similar to those worn by Amanda Rosenberg and shared on Google+ by Isabelle Olsson in the photo above.

According to the source, some of the frame options help camouflage the Google Glass component, and could help with consumer adoption. One female wearing Google Glass with prescriptions wore a chunkier pair of dark frames which made the Google Glass look more normal.

Google Glass prescriptions and frames could help Google partner with eye doctors as retail fronts and insurance companies to cut the price down.

Google Glass prescriptions and frames could help Google partner with eye doctors as retail fronts and insurance companies to cut the price down.

Our source is not privy to the actual Google Glass release plans or how Google plans to offer demonstrations and fittings across the U.S., but partnerships with eye care professionals could help fill a hole in the retail sector.

In addition to nationwide vision chains many local optometrists could partner with Google to offer Google Glass demos, training and fitting for users who need a prescription and those who don’t. After a month with Google Glass the use case is certainly more compelling, but it’s not until someone tries them on that they go form being an odd thing on my head to something they could see on their own head.

This could be a business opportunity for eye care locations who could expand their clientele beyond users with bad vision. If there is an insurance option for Google Glass it could also help defray some of the cost for users with good vision insurance plans. In addition to covering parts of a vision exam, most vision insurance offerings cover at least one pair of frames, up to $100 or $300, and some may cover more. Depending on how the Google Glass release goes, we may see insurance plans factor into defraying some of cost to make the Google Glass price more attractive.



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