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Google Glass Signup Page Pays Off with More Invites



The Google Glass explorer program has been making a lot of noise lately. With Google sharing the Glass API for developers, allowing Explorers who own Glass to invite friends, and they recently started taking names for future customers. If these are any indication, things are getting close to final stages and progressing right on time for a release next year.

After allowing users to invite three friends back in October, earlier this month Google started taking names from those interested in Glass. If you were an eager buyer or developer that signed up on the Glass page, you may be up next to spend a ridiculous amount ($1,500) of money and get your own set of Google Glass and enjoy the next-generation of wearable computing. Google is slowly opening the doors on Glass for more users.

Screen Shot 2013-11-12 at 11.50.37 AM

Today we’re getting multiple reports, as well as invites hitting our own inbox, stating that developers interesting in trying out Google Glass now have the opportunity to do so. There’s nothing that’s changed here regarding what you get, or how much, but Google’s slowly but surely allowing more eyes to look into Glass.

Now that the SDK and Developer APIs are available Google wants the product in more hands of developers and app creators. Hoping to get more and more development going to strengthen the project. With thousands from Google I/O owning a set, many of their friends from the invite program, and now Google taking names, Google Glass is about to rapidly expand.

Screen Shot 2013-11-26 at 9.57.16 AM

We’re seeing emails go out to those who requested to join the list earlier this month with a one-time-invite code allowing users to purchase Glass. After submission users will be able to get their own piece of this cutting edge technology. However, we’re seeing a few folks drop those codes to eBay and other places, but we’d recommend getting it right from Google yourself. Taking a tour of the campus and getting fit for Glass is an experience you’ll want to enjoy, especially when you’re paying $1,500 for the eye-wear.

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New explorers will have the same color options, and get the all-new Glass set with the earbud for improved audio, and the Google Glass store also has additional colors and shade lenses for those looking to be fashionable with Glass. Or try at least.

1 Comment

1 Comment

  1. geek news

    12/02/2013 at 1:04 pm

    I just visited the site and signed up today!
    With Google Glass becoming more popular, it will be interesting to see what laws will be introduced to prohibit them in certain areas. I could see these becoming a big problem while driving or at a bar/club.

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