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Google Glass XE11 Update Adds Easy Screencast and Calendar Search



Back when Google first released Google Glass to lucky explorers and those who attended Google IO, they made a promise of monthly updates.  Then just as promised, we’ve seen an update with new features and bug fixes every single month. Fast forward to today and we’re getting one more.

This morning Google issued update number 11 to Google Glass, officially called XE11, and have added a few much requested new features, and improved some other key areas. One in particular is they’ve made it easier to screencast, which is Glass sharing what we see with the display on our smartphones for others to see, and to take screenshots. Below is additional details for all you Explorers, as well as the details over at Google+.

Google Glass 2 Unboxing Video -  8

For the few of you lucky enough to be enjoying Google Glass like myself, the November update is available and should arrive automatically on your pair. Fire up those wearables and get the latest right this minute. Here’s what to expect.

We can now select and designate where home and work is on Glass, so Google Now and navigation will be able to properly tell where you’re at, and where you’re headed. Similar to what we enjoy with Google Now on our phones, has now arrived for Glass Explorers. This will help us with navigation to and from work using Glass, and avoid those traffic jams.

Screen Shot 2013-11-07 at 12.44.14 PM

Then they’ve integrated personal calendar search which should make users lives much easier, as this has been one of the most requested features as of late. So what does this mean? Personalized calender results will show you what’s on your calendar for the day or week, and even give you a daily agenda if you’d like. Just like you see in the screenshot above. It’s simple, intuitive, and works quite well. Give it a try by saying “Ok Glass… Google, what am I doing next week?”

Google’s also revamped (to some degree) the initial setup and will actually give users a few tips and tricks as you get started. So you won’t be like me doing swipes and gestures, having to figure it out all by yourself. Yes, two finger swipe down turns everything off. We can’t see what the new setup steps look like without resetting Google Glass, but at least we finally have a better setup experience. This will likely be further improved when released next year.

Screen Shot 2013-11-07 at 1.17.25 PM

Last but certainly not least the MyGlass app on the Play Store was updated today with bug fixes. It also added an option for easy screencasting, or screen share. Right in the notification pulldown (if connected to glass) there’s now a simple start screencast option. Making Glass share what’s being displayed instantly on your device.

Here at GottaBeMobile we’ve received our own Google Glass, so expect plenty more coverage moving forward regarding Google’s wearable computing initiative. For you explorers, enjoy the latest update.

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1 Comment

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