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Google Glasses Will Work With Prescriptions



Google Glasses, known as Project Glass inside Google, took the tech scene by storm last week, but lacked an important piece fo information for anyone who already wears glasses.

Will Google Glasses work with prescription glasses?

Despite a number of challenges to projecting the heads up display on prescriptions and different sized lenses a Google Project Glass insider confirms that the Google Glasses could work with prescriptions, and it might be better than we imagined.

Google Glasses - Project Glass - With Prescription Glasses

Project Glass - Google Glasses with Prescription Glasses.

Instead of clamping a bulky adapter to your glasses, Project Glass team member Isabelle Olsson says that the technology could be integrated into the frames of  prescription glasses.

Isabelle Olson shares the image above and addresses questions about using Google Glasses with real glasses on Google+,

We ideally want Project Glass to work for everyone, and we’re experimenting with designs that are meant to be extendable to different types of frames. Many of our team members wear glasses, too, so it’s definitely something we’re thinking about. Here’s an early mock-up to show how the device might work with prescription glasses.

Of course we still have to wait for Project Glass to bring these new glasses to market before we can look as futuristic as the Instagram’d model above, but it’s great to hear that those of us with glasses won’t be left out.

Now my biggest concern is whether or not an awful astigmatism will prevent me from getting lenses that work with Project Glass Glasses on day one.

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1 Comment

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