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Google Hiring For New Nexus Call Center



Google is looking to hire Android enthusiasts to staff a new Google call center to offer support for new Nexus users, according to a report.

Google is reportedly sending recruiters around San Francisco to look for Android fans who will accept the position within the next few weeks. The applicants aren’t told what position they’ll fill until after they submit an application, but the application does seem to hint at a call center position.

Google makes no mention of the call center positions on its website.

Nexus call centerPlans for the new Nexus call center call for a fully staffed and trained center by the end of October. Recent rumors say late October is also when Google plans to announce new Nexus devices which will likely include the leaked LG Nexus 4.

By hiring Android enthusiasts for the call center, Google will have a staff that can handle a multitude of problems with new devices. With employees who are familiar with Android and how it works the call center could potentially help users solve more complex issues than simple hardware defects or common software problems laid out in call center scripts. Many call centers’ employees operate off of scripts and online documentation to assist users and never get a chance to handle the devices their customers are calling about.

Google handles support for Nexus 7 owners for the first two weeks of ownership. After that Asus, the company that manufacturers the device for Google, takes over support responsibilities. At launch Google didn’t have a large enough staff to offer support which resulted in long wait times for users who called looking for help.

It’s possible that Google will take control of support for the lifetime of new Nexus devices.

Google’s Nexus-branded phones and tablet offer ‘vanilla’ versions of its Android mobile operating system and are void of carrier-installed skins and applications. Many Android enthusiasts prefer the simplified Android experience and being the first to receive new Android system updates.

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