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Google Introduces Canned Responses to GMail



Do you receive a emails that all need the same type of reply? I do. I use ActiveWords to quickly enter the reply in most of those and then send the email away. Now Google has introduced GMail Canned Responses through its Google Labs. If you turn on the feature in GMail, then you can use Google’s filtering system to send off your canned response. You’ll need to create the canned response obviously, but once you’ve saved it, you can recall it manually, or let GMail do it for you. Be warned though, if you’re not careful about you filter or choose keywords, I can see this causing some mayhem out there in email land.



  1. Frank

    10/22/2008 at 9:47 am

    Why limit boilerplate templates if you can have them systemwide?

    I use PhraseExpress to paste frequently used text snippets. It is freeware and also includes a Clipboard Extender.

    Here is a nice video demo:

    Cheers, Frank

  2. Buzz Bruggeman

    10/22/2008 at 6:12 pm

    Automating stuff is great, but thinking about what the response should be is critical. I have learned that 80% of the questions about ActiveWords for example are about the same 20 questions, but those 20 questions get asked in a 100 different ways.

    And our take is that while a lot of people use Gmail, massive numbers use Outlook, and I truly don’t think that is going to change for a long time.

    And FWIW, ActiveWords works in both hitch free. As PhraseExpress, no thoughts, but it isn’t about the cost of software, it’s about the value of your time.

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