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Google Maps for iPhone & iPad Faces Bumpy Road to Approval



The official Google Maps application for the iPhone and iPad that Google is rumored to be finishing by the end of the year may not get approval for the App Store from Apple according to a new report.

The Guardian claims that sources within Google who know about the company’s plans for the Google Maps app for iOS are still working on the application but think that approval from Apple is unlikely at this point.

And while Scott Forstall’s departure from the company apparently have heightend the chances of the dedicated application appearing on the App Store, there is certainly still doubt about whether or not iPhone and iPad users will get access to an official Google Maps application to replace Apple’s official Maps app that arrived with iOS 6.

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Google is reportedly isn’t convinced that Apple will approve the new Google Maps app for iOS 6.

If it is approved, those with knowledge of the situation say that it may not be approved quickly, citing the fact that Apple did not advertise any mapping application using Google’s API in the “Find maps for your iPhone” section in the App Store. Some believe that it purposefully did so because it promoted Google and a “superior product.”

Apple’s release of iOS 6 brought the new Maps application from Apple which replaced Google Maps as the native Maps application for iPhone and iPad users. And from the very beginning, users of those devices complained about bugs, lack of accuracy and more in regards to the Apple Maps application. In fact, it got so bad, that Apple’s CEO Tim Cook issued an apology to owners of the devices and just last week, Scott Forstall, the iOS chief and executive responsible for iOS 6 maps was reportedly forced to leave the company.

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Google is heavily rumored to be working on a standalone Google Maps for iOS app but it’s unclear just what it entails and if it will be on par with the Android app. The previous version of Google Maps for iPhone and iPad did not include features like Turn-by-Turn navigation, something found in the new Apple Maps.

It’s also now unclear whether or not the application will ever get approval for the App Store. Fortunately, iPhone and iPad users have an alternative. Google Maps is currently available through the web and users can access it by going to

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