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Google Moving Away from Gears to Focus on HTML5



GearsGoogle Gears has had a short life even in Internet years. Google is saying that it will be moving away from using Gears and towards using HTML5 in the future. Google Gears is a browser application that among other things allows users to work with web data when offline.

This news comes ahead of the anticipated launch of Google’s Chrome browser for the Mac, and apparently Apple’s Snow Leopard became the straw that jammed up the gears. Snow Leopard broke something in Gears and Google has yet to get that solved, but it looks like resources are heading towards the future and not the interlocking gears of the past. This will end up being a good thing for Mobile web use, once HTML5 does become a standard.

Google does say that it will continue to support Gears for those who use it. That’s a good thing, because like the Apple Tablet, HTML5 is one of those things that we all hope to see one day, but isn’t just around the corner.

Via The LATimes

1 Comment

1 Comment

  1. gorkon

    12/01/2009 at 8:12 am

    HTML5 IS around the corner. The spec is already most of the way complete and both Chrome/Chromium and Firefox 3.5 support it as delivered including the video tag (that is being removed I do believe).

    Please check wikipedia:

    Safari also supports it as do many webkit browsers. Also Gmail is currently using HTML5:

    HTML5 is now. It is the future. Like 802.11n, the spec isn’t final. That does not stop the browser developers or web developers from using it.

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