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Google Music Leap Year Sale – 29 Albums for $2.99

Google Music is offering 29 Albums up for $2.99 each. These aren’t the bargain bin albums either, many are recent albums from great artists. Drake, LMFAO, The Band Perry, Van Halen, Rihanna, Katy Perry, Eminem, Dr. Dre, Pink Floyd, and the Rolling Stones. Pretty much every era and genre are covered. I plan to purchase 10 or so albums at this price later today. I am a big fan of subscription music, but some of these albums have so many great songs that they are worth owning.

This is one day only, so jump over to Google Music and start downloading!

For those that might not be able to click over for the list of Albums, here they are:

The (*) indicates albums I will be purchasing today if you care. :)

Which ones are you going to grab, if any?


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