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Google Now comes to iPhone, iPad, and iPod Touch



Google Now, Google’s real-time personal search and assistant technology is now available to iPhone and iPad users.

Starting today, users of Apple’s iOS can download or upgrade to a new Google Search application that includes the functionality. Previously, Google Now was only available to users on Android. According to iTunes, only users with iOS 5 will be able to download and use the updated app.

Though fully functional and visibly similar, the iOS version of Google Now is not completely identical to its Android counterpart.

Google Now for the iPhone can not be sync in the background in the same way today’s Android version does. This version will also not use the iOS notification system to display high-priority alerts. Google Now on iOS will not pull any information from the user’s Calendar on the device either. Instead, it will only display appointments from Google Calendar.

Google Now on Android supports cards that present the user with things like up-to-date weather, sports, and airline information. Of the 29 different cards that Google Now on Android supports today, only 22 of them are available to Google Now users on iOS. Missing cards include Fandango –a movie tickets based card, support for airline boarding passes, and events.

Google Now

Google Now as implemented in Google Search on iOS

Google now functionality coming to iOS had long been rumored and the functionality is the latest in a line of previous Android-exclusive features to make their way into the hands of iPad and iPhone owners.

Due to its large amount of users, Google has been making native versions of its popular services available to Apple’s users for some time. These services include the social network Google+ and popular email client Gmail.  There are no native versions of any of these applications on BlackBerry 10. Google has made a Google Search application available to users of Windows Phone, however it only presents its user with static search results.

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