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Google Now Search Wiz Headed to Chrome Browser?



It looks like the Android-based digital and search assistant known as Google Now may be headed over to the web via Google’s Chrome browser. Thus far, Google Now has been an Android-specific feature being available for Android 4.1 devices and higher. The move would make Google Now become available to more users, including those on Mac OS X, Windows, and Chromebook.

chrome-logo-1301044215The intelligent assistant collates information from various Google services and displays them in a centralized hub, such as weather-based location, package tracking information from email notices of shipments, travel and ticketing information from Airline email confirmations, event tickets, and even calendar notifications and it will look at appointments and locations and generate commute times.

According to a report on CNET, it appears that the Chrome team has finally “accepted the addition of a ‘skeleton for Google Now for Chrome’ to the Google browser yesterday.” The search giant says that it has nothing to announce at this time, however if Google Now does get ported to the browser, it will have the potential to reach a wider audiences and help users continue to use Google Now services on the desktop after they have arrived at their desk.

Recent updates to Google Now had brought forth additional features, such as visual and music ID search in addition to speech-to-text voice search.


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