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Google Now Update Brings Android 5.0 Look to More Users



If you’re one of the many patiently waiting for the Android 5.0 Lollipop update, you can get a similar look and feel on your device now using a few of Google’s recently updated apps. They’re nothing new, but this week Google updated both the Google Now Launcher, and the Google Search app delivering more Android 5.0 style and material design to regular smartphone owners.

Back in February of last year rumors started floating around that Google was working on their own launcher that would take over the look and feel of your homescreen, with what many Android users call “home replacement apps” or launchers.

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The App eventually was released in August for all Android devices, and now the latest update is delivering that material design inspired Android 5.0 styling to any device running Android 4.1 or newer. Read on for more details about both updates, and how you can make your phone look like a new Lollipop device.


The Google Now Launcher app replaces the stock launcher from Samsung, HTC, LG or others and puts Google’s own experience front and center on your device. This brings the swipe to the left Google Now feature, different icons, and a brand new app tray and more. It changes a lot of how your device feels, and for the better.

Many of the features inside of Google Now rely on the Google Search app, and both have received updates this week adding more features, a better design, and the Android 5.0 look to older devices. In the past it was set to look like the version of Android you’re running, but now all who install the Google Now Launcher can make their device look like it’s on Lollipop. It’s a nice touch.

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Once you’ve installed the latest Google Search and Google Now Launcher apps from the Google Play Store, just hit home and you’ll see a brand new Google Now Launcher home interface. From here you can enjoy all of the styling delivered in Android 5.0 Lollipop.

The latest update changes the Google Search bar at the top of your screen to a nice white look, along with “Ok, Google Now” hotwords for hands-free voice controls (if device is capable) along with neat new animations you’ll only get from Android 5.0 Lollipop.

It has the improved slide-out settings panel in Google Now, a refined Google Search voice controls popup when using your voice rather than typing, and much much more. There are an array of Launcher apps in the Play Store, NOVA Launcher is a popular one, but those looking for one of the best stock Android experiences will want to give the Google Now Launcher a try today.

HTC started pushing Android 5.0 to the One M8 this week, Motorola has promised more updates in the coming weeks, and we’re seeing developments from both Samsung and LG as well. In the meantime, get more of the Android 5.0 material design look, feel, and style by giving the Now Launcher a try.

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