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Google Planning Google Retail Stores for Google Glass?



It looks like rumors of Google opening up retail shops are heating up again and this time the stores are said to be built specifically for Google Glass. This would be a smart move on Google’s part as Google Glass is an entirely new computing experience, and opening retail stores would not only allow customers and consumers to try the experience before they buy, but also ask questions, get technical help and support, as well as allow Google to offer post-sales support to customers in case anything goes wrong. The retail experience has allowed rival Apple to become a successful tech company with loyal customers, and more recently Microsoft had mimicked the Apple experience with its own retail store and Microsoft Answer Desk for in-store help and support.

The company had previously denied rumors about opening up retail stores.


And though there has been rumors of a Google retail experience in the past, this time we’re hearing that the retail store is built specifically and only for Google Glass, and not for other Google products like Android, Nexus, and Chromebook. Business Insider is reporting on the story based on its source:

Our source tells us he knows someone that is working at  Google to develop the Glass stores. This person apparently meets with Sergey Brin to plot out the stores.

Though the publication warns that this is a second-hand source and should be treated with skepticism, even though they say the source is trustworthy, there may be some merit to this claim. Glass, which is available only to developers at this time who pre-ordered at last year’s Google I/O conference, is treated in a similar way. Developers in the Glass Explorer program who are receiving Glass would come to a Google center in either New York or San Francisco to be fitted for Glass and get some help with setting up and using Glass initially at these centers. If this interaction is successfully, Google may expand the treatment to customers when Glass officially launches in 2014 for retail.

Google still has not officially announced the pricing for Google Glass for consumers yet. Currently, the developer edition costs $1500, though the Internet search giant had promised in the past that the consumer edition would be priced less than this.


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