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Google Purchase Could Confirm Coming Nexus TV



Google could be preparing for an all-out assault in the living room with the rumored Nexus TV if its purchasing habits are any indication. A new report indicates that the company has purchased Green Throttle Games, an outfit the previously made a custom Android controller.

News of a possible Google acquisition of Green Thorttle Games surfaced earlier today in a report from PandoDaily. According to that article Matt Crowley and Karl Towsend, Green Throttle Games’ founders, were a part of the deal Google struck to buy the company. It’s these two founders pedigree in consumer electronics that’s so interesting. Before founding Green Throttle Towsend worked on the original Palm Pilot handheld organizer. Meanwhile a third founder, Charles Huang worked on Guitar Hero, the rhythm based music game that struck a cord with PlayStation 3 and Xbox 360 users the world over.


Citing sources with knowledge of  what’s going on, it’s the outlets assertion that Google purchased the company so that it could beef up its wireless Bluetooth controller technology ahead of a possible launch of a set-top box that’s powered by its services. It’s likely that it’s the same “Nexus TV” set-top box that rumors discussed late last year. So far, there hasn’t been any new information about it, however the consensus was that Google was preparing to make a big push into the living room to do battle with the Apple TV and Microsoft’s Xbox One console.

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As Google’s representatives have now confirmed the deal, the odds of a Nexus TV device hitting store shelves have gone up. Presumably, such a set-top box would allow Google to go bigger with it’s living room entertainment area.The company has almost no presence today.

That’s not for a lack of trying though. Google’s living room initiatives have included the Nexus Q, a streaming device that required an Android smartphone to work. It never made it off the ground and was cancelled soon after Google announced it. There was also Google TV, a piece of software and hardware guidelines that powered devices like the Logitech Revue. That too, never caught on with consumers.

The company still makes the Chromecast wireless streaming devices it announced last year too. Those did enjoy some level of success, however the company has remained quiet on the project lately.

Users could see the Nexus TV soon. The device was rumored for an early 2014 release.


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