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Google Reader Tip for UMPCs



As I have been using my OQO Model 02 a lot lately, I have been searching for the optimal way to read feeds. I primarily use Google Reader and have found their default viewing settings not optimal for viewing with a 800 x 480 display or browsing in portrait mode with a tablet pc.

Using the U shortcut key, I found that I can turn off my feed list and see subject lines and the article much easier in a full screen view. Check out the difference below. If you use a UMPC or browse your feeds in portrait mode on a Tablet PC, start taking advantage of the U key. It simply works!

Depending on your hardware, you could program a hardware button to easily go in to the U view.

UPDATE: Great minds seem to think alike. I was just hitting and found where Kevin has an article on programming buttons for the J and K key for jumping back and forth between feed articles. Great tip, Kevin.





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