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Google Ready to Close Meebo Deal



It looks like after Google Plus, Google is looking to further entrench itself in the social media space with a rumored acquisition of Meebo. Meebo, a site that originated as a browser-based chat services that integrates services such as AOL’s AIM, Google Talk, Yahoo! Messenger, and MSN, has emerged to include social sharing and interest-driven profiles. Meebo’s social sharing could help to augment and complement Google’s own “+1” sharing button, which is akin to Facebook’s “Like.”

According to sources close to deal, All Things D is reporting that the deal could be worth $100 million. Neither Meebo nor Google are commenting on the situation at this time.

Google has been trying to better leverage social for its product. The company had recently launched Google Drive, which encompasses its online documents viewing Google Docs service, to allow users to store and share information on the cloud. Google Talk services is already deeply integrated in Android, and the move to buy Meebo’s browser-based chat client can help Google either augment Android with more chat services and messaging options or help to reduce competition in that space by increasing the visibility of Google Talk. Either way, through chat or social, the move can help Google expand its offerings.

There is no additional information about the deal at this time, but if true, it looks like Google is on a buying spree again.


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