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Google & Samsung Possibly Prepping 10-inch Nexus to take on iPad



After the success of the Nexus 7 Google might finally be ready to try its hand at toppling the iPad with a 10-inch tablet.

According to CNet, Google is working with Samsung to create a 10-inch Nexus tablet that will have a higher pixel density than the iPad. The rumors come from analyst Richard Shim of NPD DisplaySearch who cites “supply chain indications”as proof that this new tablet exists.

The 10-inch Samsung and Google co-branded Android tablet reportedly sports a 2560×1600 resolution with a pixel density of 299ppi (pixels per inch). In comparison the new iPad offers a 2048×1536 resolution with a 264ppi. The difference doesn’t sound like much, but it could mean text and images look crisper and cleaner on the Google tablet.


Shim says the 10-inch tablet will be “a high-end device” which the screen seems to indicate. Shim doesn’t have any information about the price of the tablet, but Google is likely to price it in line with the $499 iPad starting price.

There is a possibility that Shim is wrong, or that Google and Samsung will scrap the tablet, but given Shim’s 15 years of covering displays, he could be on target. Some analysts like to predict new devices based on what users want or what other companies make, but others have some sort of knowledge about the device from contacts in the supply chain.

A great example is all the correct rumors about the iPhone 5 and all the rumors leading up the iPad Mini.

We’re cautiously optimistic about a a 10-inch Nexus tablet, it sounds like a logical next step. The last time Google tried to help with a 10-inch tablet was the Motorola Xoom which wasn’t a big success. So far the iPad has dominated the 10-inch tablet market, and it will be hard to take any significant part of it from Apple.

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