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Google Sends Out Updates to Glass Explorers Regarding Their $1500 Investment



At Google I/O this year in late May, Google had debuted its Google Glasses project to usher in a new era of wearable computing where users will have constant access to information via a head mounted display. The project is not dissimilar to the Motorola glasses we saw earlier in the year at CES, though Google’s is more minimalistic in design and is meant to be casually worn around everywhere. At its developer I/O conference, Google gave the option for developers to pre-order the glasses for $1500–the deal is currently limited to developers at I/O only.

For clarification, the Motorola arm that is selling its own HUD glasses to corporate, government, and enterprise customers is not the Motorola Mobility arm that Google had acquired earlier this year.

Now, it seems that for that amount of money, Google is clueing its developers in on the status of the its Project Glass. The gesture is definitely a sign of good will towards Android developers as well as a symbol that Google is focusing more on its customer service.

Developers who have signed up for the preorders, known as Glass Explorers, were sent an email with the following information according to Phandroid:

Glass Explorers
July 2012 Follow us on Google+

Don’t see the image? Make sure to click “Display images below” at the top of this message.

Greetings, Glass Explorers! It was great to meet you a few weeks ago at I/O. As you know, being an Explorer is about being part of a unique, trusted community that will help shape the future of Glass.

We’re going to start sharing private updates with you on Google+. We’ll be posting exclusive content (see Sergey’s post, above), as well as inviting you to special events and Hangouts where you’ll get the chance to meet the team.

To take part, here’s what you need to do:


See you on Google+,
The Project Glass Team

Hopefully, when everything gets fine tuned for a commercial release to the masses, we can see pricing on the Project Glass effort drop a little.

The glasses won’t ship until 2013.

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