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Google Sync for iOS Gets Three Important Updates



Google announced an update to their sync service for iOS devices like the Apple iPhone and iPad bringing three welcome feature updates.

  • The ability to search all email – not just locally stored
  • Calendar events invitation handling
  • Send Mail As which lets you send messages with a different return address than the one being used

These three new services are available today. All of these are available regardless of whether you use basic Gmail or a Google Apps for your domain account.

Searching All Email

Previously, when searching in the Mail app you could only search email that was downloaded to your device. If you archived a message and it was older than the time you set to sync your email, it would be ignored since it was no longer on the device.

Now you can search all email, even if it is not stored locally. This will be helpful if you save old email and want to access the content of that email while using your iPhone or iPad.

Just tap in the search box at the top of the mail app while in your Gmail account. It will return hits in all of the email you have stored in your account, even those messages stored online but not on the phone.

For this to work you will have to set your account up using Microsoft Exchange instead of the Gmail option. To do this, follow the instructions at Google Mobile.

Calendar Events Handling

If you get a good number of calendar invites you’ll really appreciate this update. When a contact sends you an event request you can take one of the following actions from your iOS Calendar app:

  • Accept the event which sets it up as an appointment in your Calendar
  • Decline events
  • Edit the event in your iOS Calendar app

Sending Mail from a Chosen Address

If you have more than one email account like most of us do, you can now specify which account the iOS Mail app will use to send a message. For example, if I am using my Gmail account, but want to send a message as if it was from one of my other email addresses, I could choose the other address as a “send as” address from within the iOS Mail app and the my message would appear to come from the alternate address.


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