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Google Voice Going Live Today?



googlevoicelogo There is a rumor sparked by a comment on the Buzz Out Loud podcast that Google Voice may go live today. I hope this is the case. Google purchased Grand Central, sat on it awhile, and now has it out for limited Beta testing. The idea is that you have one phone number that you can feed all your phone numbers into and then control how incoming calls work. You can allow some calls to come through and some to go directly to voice mail as an example. Supposedly the control over how calls work is very granular. It also works with SMS messages as well. So, imagine that regardless of where you are and which phone you might be using (most folks have at least an office phone and a cell phone) you can control how calls are received.

Recently word came down that Google may set up Google Voice to port an existing phone number later this year which would make this an even better solution for those who live in fear of changing their main number.

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