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Google Voice Integration Expanding to Non-Sprint Customers



Nearly a year ago, Sprint announced that it will offer seamless Google Voice integration, allowing customers to use their carrier-assigned phone number as their Google Voice number or allowing customers to replace their Sprint number with one from Google. The tie-in allows customers to manage one number and get transcribed voicemails and text messages from their carrier, which would either cost a premium or may not be offered. The downside is that picture messaging may not always work as Google Voice does not yet support that feature for all carriers. Now, Google is looking to expand its carrier integration to more carriers beyond Sprint.

Though Google did not expand on what carriers it was having discussions with, the company did say that they are in talks with other carriers. As the service is only available currently in the U.S., Google Voice’s expansion would be to a U.S.-based carrier.

Google Voice manager Vincent Paquet said in an interview to CNET, “Sprint integration has worked really well. “We have, since Day One, had a steady stream of people signing up for it.”

When the service was initially announced for Sprint, neither Google nor Sprint had stated that the service would be an exclusive or limited-time exclusive for the Now Network.

Google Voice is a service that provides users with one number to give out. Once a caller calls the user on the assigned or chosen Google Voice number, the Google Voice service will forward the call to any number of phones to allow users to choose where to pick up their calls. The service also provides SMS forwarding for text messages, but MMS forwarding is done with a limited number of carriers and images are usually sent or forwarded to email.



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