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Google Voice Now Allows You to Port Your Number



I’ve been a big fan of Google Voice and an avid use of the call forwarding service that provides me with one number to keep for life. However, the downside is that if I already have a cell number that has stuck with family and friends for years, my newer Google Voice number would be something that they’d have to remember to dial instead of my regular cell number. Now, for some users, Google is testing out number porting so you can port a landline or cellphone number to be used as your Google Voice number.

Engadget is reporting that the service option is being slowly rolled out to a select number of users. If you do want to port out your local number to be used as a Google Voice number, that will incur a $20 charge payable via Google Checkout. If the number you happen to be porting is a cell phone number, Google warns that your service plan would be terminated by your carrier and that may result in an early termination fee, depending on your contract, with that carrier.

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