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Google Voice Number Porting Now Official for All



We had reported previously that Google had green-lighted number porting into Google Voice for a select number of users, and now it seems that the feature is enabled for all existing users. According to Google’s official Google Voice blog, the feature is now available for existing users and the feature will slowly start appearing for new Google Voice accounts over the next few weeks.

The downside of porting your number is that it will immediately terminate your existing cell phone contract, which means you’ll be responsible for early termination fees, if any. Also, for existing users of AT&T who are grandfathered into the unlimited $30 smartphone data plan, the cancellation of your contract means you’ll probably lose your data plan option if you do choose to stay with the carrier post-porting.

For those who do opt to port an existing mobile number, the service is $20. It will however only work with mobile numbers–unfortunately, you still cannot port a landline number.



  1. Bob

    01/26/2011 at 9:37 pm

    Any one know if you can port a number from an area code not currently “supported” by Google Voice?

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