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Google Voice Relies on Crowdsourcing to Identify Telemarketers as Spam



Google has added a Global SPAM feature to its Google Voice messaging and phone service that will automatically identify select callers as spam before they even reach you.

The newly added feature relies on the collective intelligence of Google Voice users selectively marking appropriate messages as spam as well as Google’s own spam identification tools. So when a telemarketer calls you, chances are that those calls will be filtered out as spam before they reach your phone:

Thanks to the help of the thousands of Google Voice users who mark calls as spam everyday—and our own spam identification tools—it is now possible to automatically redirect calls, texts, and voicemails from any of the numbers in our database directly into your spam folder.

If a number isn’t spammed and is mis-categorized as spam, you can always unblock that number and mark it as ‘Not Spam’ from the spam folder of your Google Voice inbox.

The Global SPAM feature can be enabled by going into the Google Voice settings and checking the box labeled Global SPAM filtering.

The added care to pre-filter spam calls and SMS messages is a welcomed one since I’ve noticed that I’ve been receiving a lot more unsolicited calls within the last several months on Google Voice.

Via: Google

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