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Google Voice Search Learns to Speak French, German, And Japanese



Voice search is an extremely important part of Google Search, and is slowly but surely getting deeply integrated into our mobile devices. Android 4.4 KitKat is a prime example, bringing more and more features to Google Now and Search, not to mention all the “Ok, Google” voice commands.

Google’s been busy this week with updates. First adding data and third party apps to Google Now Search, and today they’re proud to announce that Google Search just learned a few new languages. Voice Search now will speak three new languages for those non-English speaking users around the globe. Just by tapping the microphone in the search bar and asking a question Google can return all types of results, and now will do so in your native tongue.

Screen Shot 2013-12-05 at 2.22.55 PM

Starting today, Japanese, French, and German speakers will be able to ask their Android and iOS smartphone and tablets a question using Google Voice search in their native language, and has the answer found and read back aloud in the same language. Google Now and Search responds to a variety of commands and queries, and this is one more step at improving the experience.

There is no update rolling out to Google Search for Android or iOS, as the changes are all taking place behind the scenes at Google HQ and on the server side, so users can start enjoying this right away. As long as you have the latest version from a previous update back in November, you’ll be able to enjoy this right away.

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What about other languages? Google is happy to announce that starting today these three languages will be readily available across the globe, and mentioned that more were coming soon. Google tells us to stay tuned for more so users can have conversations with Google in more places around the world. We have a feeling Spanish and a few other popular languages like Mandarin and Spanish are up next.


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