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Google will Use Samsung Displays in Google Glass



Samsung will provide the display technology to be used in the version of Google Glass that is shipped to consumers.

That’s according to sources who talked exclusively with the Korea Times and who work in the management ranks inside Samsung Display, the arm of Samsung that provides displays to other device manufactures.

Reportedly, Google Glass will use the company’s high-end OLED displays in the consumer version of Glass. The Google Glass that shipped to early adopters this past March features an nHD display with a resolution of 640 x 360 pixels.

Google Glass features a premium design with a titanium band, bond conduction tech and more.

Google Glass features a premium design with a titanium band, bond conduction tech and more.

While no specific resolution or other screen details are called out in the report, Samsung OLED displays exhibit enhanced color contrast and could likely result in better battery life than the much older nHD displays. That enhanced battery life is due to the fact that OLED displays render colors at the pixel level and don’t require the entire screen to have a backlight.

According to one executive at Samsung Display, the company’s decision to have Samsung supply Glass displays is huge because it means that Google trusts Samsung with “confidential data.” If true, that would be notable, recent reports had described a relationship that is strained due to the fact that Samsung controls so much of hardware market for Google’s Android mobile operating system.

Recent earnings estimates made by Strategy Analytics pegged Samsung’s share of all Android profits at around 95%, making Samsung one of the few vendors making money from Android. With that kind of dominance it’s possible that Samsung could have just as much influence on the development of Android as Google.

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Samsung’s OLED Display technology joins an already extensive array of components that are included in the early version of Google Glass. The latest device to come out of the “wearable computing” trend already includes wireless internet, Bluetooth connectivity and 16GB of onboard storage.

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Google has yet to officially announce when Google Glass will be available to consumers, or what components will be included in the version that does.


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