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Google’s Nexus 5 Tries to Match Moto X’s Color Customization?



Google may be taking a page out of its wholly-owned Motorola Mobility subsidiary by allowing Nexus 5 smartphone owners to choose between more color options for the device in the future. Google’s Motorola business made headlines with the plethora of color options and customization available through the Moto Maker Studio, allowing Moto X owners to order a custom phone for delivery, and now the Nexus 5 may come just shy of matching that same level of personalization.

Currently, Google is offering its flagship Nexus 5 smartphone in the choices of black or white editions. However, according to a tipster to Phone Arena, the color options available for the Nexus 5 may expand to encompass black, white, red, orange, yellow, green, blue, and purple.

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Though you don’t get the same level of customization that Moto Maker allows, there may soon be eight color options to choose from. With more colors, users may not need to accessorize their devices with a case or skin to personalize their phones to give it more character, though a case may still be needed for protecting the device against drops and normal wear and tear.


The user had videotaped going through the Google Play Store for ordering the device, and clicking on the swath of color would show how the phone would look in person.

At this point, it’s still unclear if or when Google intends on releasing the additional 6 color options for the Nexus 5, or if these options will come with any price premium.

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