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Goolge Turns on Desktop Editor for Google Docs on iPad



Yeah, the cloud news from Google just keeps rolling in this week. Back in November Google finally flipped the switch to allow iPad users the ability to edit Google Docs on that device using the mobile website. Now if you want to do a little more detailed editing and formatting you can access the non-mobile cloud App and do what you need to do.

Prior to this release if you needed to do any serious formatting, say adding a list with bullets or inserting a hyperlink, you were basically out of luck using the mobile page. Of course third party Apps have jumped into fill that void. Now you can do this natively in Google Docs as the need arises. I’m not sure this will spark a revolution, but I’m sure for some loyal Google Docs users it will be perceived as a boon.

While my Wifi only iPad is certainly a device that I do some Internet work on, I need to do quite a bit of my work offline as well which is why third party writing Apps work better for my situation.

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