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GottaBeFunded: xWallDock Turns Outlets Into iPad and iPhone Docks



A new Kickstarter project called the xWallDock turns a standard wall outlet into a charging dock for Apple products like the iPad, iPhone and iPods. The product creators promises to support both the current 30-pin Apple devices and new Lightning devices like the Apple iPhone 5. We think this is an interesting Kickstarter project that’s GottaBeFunded.

The xWallDock fits over various style wall outlets like dual socket outlets or quad-socket outlets. They will make versions that fits over rounded and square outlets.

Install the xWallDock by replacing the faceplate of the outlet with the xWallDock. Screw it into place and then plug in the charger that comes with the xWallDock. Plug the included pig-tail short USB to 30-pin or USB to Lightning connector.


The makers will offer either gray inserts or colorful inserts or they will etch a logo on the insert to brand it. In addition to the single and double outlet, there’s a family pack with either 3 or 4 xWallDocks available.

Backers can choose from fourteen investment levels as follows:

  • $5 – reserve a $15 micro-USB xWallDock that works with non-Apple smartphones. Pay the remaining $10 for a single outlet or $15 for a dual-outlet)
  • $5 – second $5 option lets you support the xWallDock but only earns a thank you card
  • $15 – limited (200 total) backing level earns an xWallDock single outlet with a gray insert
  • $18 – gets a gray xWallDock single outlet for micro-USB
  • $18 – same as previous but for Apple products
  • $25 – double outlet xWallDock with gray insert
  • $25 – single outlet xWallDock with any of the colored inserts
  • $30 – single outlet xWallDock with Lightning connector and gray insert
  • $34 – double outlet xWallDock with any of the colored inserts
  • $50 – limited (180 total) double or single xWallDock with any of the colored inserts or a logo of your choice laser etched on it for gift or resale
  • $60 – xWallDock Family multi-room pack with 3 single or double xWallDocks with any of the colored inserts
  • $75 – same as $60 with 4 xWallDocks
  • $250 – same as $50 but with 10 xWallDocks
  • $550 – same as previous but with logo etched for gift or resale

This system seems to install easily by replacing the faceplate of a regular outlet. The colors will match most home decor.

Kickstarter projects come with some risk. Some people back a project and the project inventor will sometimes fail to come through for the backers, so pledge support at your own risk.

At first only 30-pin devices will work with the xWallDock. They will add support for the new Lightning connector that comes with the new iPhone 5. They will also add support for micro-USB ports that come on many Android smartphones and tablets. The first run coming as early as Feb. 2013 will include xWallDocks for traditional 30-pin Apple devices. The Lightning and micro-USB will show up a month to three months afterwards. The funding for this project must hit the goal of $27,000 by Oct. 14.

We’ve seen similar products that replace the entire outlet, but this one benefits from simplicity. Just change the faceplate of the outlet.

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1 Comment

  1. gordon

    10/02/2012 at 12:12 pm

    I have two device, iphone 3gs and galaxy tab 2.7 to charge

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