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GottaBeMobile Accessory InkShow: The Otterbox Laptop Case



OtterboxThe quest for mobility goes hand in hand with the quest to protect our gear while being on the road. Choosing the right case is one of the many decisions that mobile warriors have to make at some point and forums are filled with posts that ask which case works best. For those who need a little more protection for their devices in environments that are a bit more rugged, Otterbox makes a number of cases and protective solutions for all kinds of mobile gear in all kinds of environments. I was lucky enough to be given one of these cases at the Tablet PC Meetup at CES as a door prize and I’ve finally found the time to check it out.

In this InkShow I more than check it out. With the help of our Master Carpenter at Wayside Theatre, Paul Callahan, we drop it, jump up and down on it, bang it with a sledge hammer, run it under water, drop it in a creek, and run it over with a car. That’s right, we run it over with a car. And you know what? Well, I won’t spoil the results other than to say OtterBox knows what they are doing.


Video: GBM Inkshow Review: The OtterBox Laptop Case


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UPDATE: The good folks at Otterbox contacted us about the InkShow and wanted to make sure folks knew that there is some confusion on their site (soon to be corrected) as to whether or not the OtterBox laptop case is waterproof or water resistant. The answer is it is water resistant and not water proof. So, we’re glad they asked us to help clear that up. As I said in the video, I don’t anticiapte anyone is going to using that case in the way we did in our testing. So, if you’re looking for water reistance, I think you’ll be in good hands.


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