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GottaBeMobile grows again!



Catchy title, huh? I love getting to say that!

We have been amazed at the response you, our readers have given the content on this site. We have quite the passionate group of readers, complemented by a lot of passion from Rob, Warner, and myself. What a great combination.

So where do we go from here?  As we look forward to where we would like to take this thing called, we decided we wanted to do more community oriented efforts besides just news. We have a lot of ideas, but are still very much in the planning stages of where that will take GBM. As we discussed plans and possibilities, we realized that to introduce more, we would either have to either cut back on current content of news and InkShows, or add staff to help us plan and implement more community based features. We opted for the staffing choice.  We are still not totally sure which of our great ideas we will implement when, or even at all, but I did want to take the time to introduce the new GBM team member, Mr. Matt Faulkner!

MattMatt is not new at all to the tablet PC arena. He has been involved in other community sites for quite a while now. Matt supports a number of Tablet PC’s in his job as a GIS Specialist at an environmental engineering company in Indiana. He loves keeping up to date on what is going on in this arena, so he’s a natural to GBM with that passion! Matt is married with a daughter who is a little over a year old, and lives in the Indianapolis area. He has a BA in GIS, plus background working with his father’s business setting up LAN and WAN systems for small businesses. He’s been interested in Tablet PC’s and the inking experience since they first came out, and purchased his first ‘personal’ tablet when the M4 came out because it had a graphics card with memory capable of being used in his daily work.

You will see Matt doing the occasional news post and InkShow here and there, but mostly he’ll be getting heads down with the rest of the team as we plan our next steps. So we welcome Matt to the fast moving world of GBM!

We are honored to have him, and if his work with us so far is any indication, you our reader are gonna benefit once more by getting more great content from

Give Matt a shout out and welcome him to “Team GBM”!

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