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GottaBeMobile Hardware InkShow: Head to Head with the Samsung Q1P and the Asus R2H



Q1r2hheadtoheadIf ever there were a case for combining the best aspects of two devices (with my needs in mind,) this is one. I’ve been using the Asus R2H UMPC as a companion device for awhile now, both with its original XP installation and also after struggling to update it to Vista. I recently got my hands on a Samsung Q1P with Vista installed and have been trying that out as well. These two Ultra-Mobile devices each have a lot to offer and if you combined the two you’d have one winning Ultra-Mobile PC, in my opinion. Alas, that sort of melding cant take place.

In this GBM Hardware InkShow I take a comparison look at the two UMPCs primarily from a usability factor. I’m not comparing the processors or speeds, etc simply because on that level you are dealing with two different beasts that share some similarities. The Asus R2H has a Celeron Processor, while the Q1P is running a Pentium-M. The R2H has 1.25Gigs of memory and the Q1P has 1Gig.  Both units are equally slow on boot up and returning from sleep. (The Asus performs better here after getting rid of ReadyBoost.) Both units are running extended batteries and are giving me about the same amount of battery life-just under 4 hours. What I’m looking at here is how I interface with the device from Inking (one of my primary needs) to operating the various buttons and controls.

Keep in mind that I’m looking at these comparisons from my perspective and how I use the Ultra-Mobile PC as a companion device. Your needs may be totally different. Also note, that the Q1 Ultra is just starting to get into folks’ hands (Dennis got his hands on one yesterday) and word is trickling out that Asus is getting ready to launch a refreshed R2H with Vista installed.

Watch or download the High Res version  (28:26 minutes, 216mb, Windows Media streaming or direct download)



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