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GottaBeMobile Hardware InkShow: OQO model 02 with Docking Station



Mobiledmeandshot2G’Day from Downunder! My name is Hugo Ortega and yes, I am an Aussie! It is with great pleasure and much enthusiasm that I join the GottaBeMobile Team and provide you with this – my first GBM InkShow.

When faced with the challenge of picking my first topic I couldn’t resist the opportunity to showcase my latest UMPC, i.e. the OQO 02. Since unboxing my ““shiny” new OQO two-weeks ago I felt the time was right to Vlog my thoughts. This device has captured the imagination of many and had lots of us salivating since its unveiling at CES 2007. As you can imagine I was somewhat excited to receive it and after spending the last 16 days with it as my fulltime machine I felt compelled to break my silence.

In this video I cover the following topics:

  • The Pen Experience (including a look at inking in OneNote 2007 and using the TIP)
  • I do a brief UMPC comparison (side-by-side view of the OQO and 5 other UMPC)
  • We get intimate with the OQO 02 DVD RW Docking Station (including a sneak peak at how I replaced my desktop with this device)
  • And more

Mobiledemandshot1So if you’re at work make sure your boss isn’t watching (or maybe make sure s/he is). If you’re at home pull up a chair, get comfy and grab some popcorn. The next 40 minutes are designed to inform, enlighten and most of all entertain!

The Model in the video is the one OQO terms the OQO 02 -Best with Windows XP Professional. I performed my own manual upgrade (not a clean install as my device did not like that) to Windows XP Tablet PC Edition and bought the additional pen to utilize the included Active Digitizer screen supplied in the OQO model 02.


[Ashamedly I forgot to mention battery life in the video: ““on the std. 3 cell I am getting a pinch under 2hrs, and on the 900omAh I get a pinch over 4hrs. That’s with ““some” Bluetooth and ““some” wireless.]


Watch or download the High Res version  (47:59 minutes, 367mb, Windows Media streaming or direct download)

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