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GottaBeMobile Hardware InkShow: The Electrovaya PowerPad 95



Give me more juice! As mobile gadgeteers thirst for longer and better battery life, they often turn to third party solutions in the quest to stay powered up. And there are a number of such options available. Electrovaya’s Powerpads are just such a solution. If you’ve followed the Tablet PC scene at all you’ll know that Electrovaya’s Scribbler Tablet PCs come with the longest battery life around. PowerpadThe PowerPad with Electrovaya’s Super Polymer Lithium Ion technology have been a good solution for quite some time and thanks to the good folks at Electrovaya they’ve given us a chance to check out the PowerPad 95.

In this GBM Hardware InkShow we take a quick tour of the PowerPad 95 and look at the charging options, ports, and the Smart Tip solution for adjusting voltage. Since I have been using the Battery Geek Portable Power Station for awhile, I also do a quick comparison between these two portable power choices.

Here are some specs on the Electrovaya PowerPad 95:

  • Run time: up to 2–3 times more runtime between charges
  • Charging time: 80% charged in 2.5 hours
  • Maximum capacity: 15V, 6.3Ah, 95Wh
  • Dimensions: 10.6” x 8.2” x 0.6”
  • Weight 1.85 lbs.
  • Price $199

Special Thanks to Electrovaya for allowing us to check out the PowerPad 95 and remember the PowerPad 95 is just one in a series of portable power solutions that Electrovaya offers.

Video: GBMInkShow: Electrovaya PowerPad 95


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