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GottaBeMobile hits high gear with Forums and more!



What’s happening at Forums, a new server and contests with tons of great Prizes and swag galore!
It has been a tremendous ride so far at  When Rob and I started this site back in February of this year, we envisioned a site that was full of fresh content on a regular basis with news, reviews, videos, etc.  We think we have accomplished that and are most grateful for the support from the community, and for the help of our teammates Warner Crocker and Matt Faulkner.
The other key thing we wanted to plan for and launch was a really strong discussion forum presence.  Well, the planning stage is over, and together with our awesome team members, we are announcing that the Forums are ready to go, and are now alive and kicking! 
You will now notice a new link at the top left of the page for Forums, so go ahead and click that link (after you finish reading this post of course), register in the forums, and let the great information exchange begin!  There are so many great people in the Tablet PC and Mobile community, and we want you all in the conversation.  With three Tablet PC MVP’s plus our “King of the Forums” Matt providing oversight and moderation, we promise a vibrant, alive, and ever changing resource for you.  That is our commitment. Our  hope is that you will find this a place to get and give answers, and have some fun along the way.
In addition to starting forums, we have also moved the existing site to a brand new server, and so far it is working great (thanks to Rob and Matt for a lot of hard work there!).  We will closely monitor performance and needs to keep it humming right along.
Speaking of fun — we’ve got some incredible contests and prizes coming your way!  Here is a partial list of the great prizes we have coming from sponsors and friends in the next few days and weeks:
  • TechSmith Camtasia and SnagIt licenses, swag, and possibly a few accessories donated by our great InkShow sponsors TechSmith Corporation!
  • MindJet MindManager 6 licenses, mugs, hats, and T’s galore!
  • Licenses to TEO 3.0 courtesy of Josh Einstein!
  • swag and Gear!
  • More in the works!
  • AND…..  (drum roll please)  …… – One major, mongo hardware prize also TBA soon so stay tuned.  (you’re gonna want this one, I know I do!)

More on the contests, rules, etc. later, but you can bet you will have to earn them with activity on GBM’s new forums, so you need to sign up and get posting!

We are most open to feedback, so please sign up and let us know what you think.  We are continuing to develop the site, and will be making subtle changes for a while, so your input is very valuable.  We especially want to thank those who volunteered to help the last week or so to debug and mold the site you see today.
Like I said, it’s been a great ride so far, so join up and hang on up folks — we just shifted up a couple of gears and are picking up speed!
See ya in the forums!
Dennis, Rob, Warner, and Matt
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