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GottaBeMobile likes and dislikes?



GBMLogoOkay, this may come across as a bit weird, but I’m gonna knock my own site (I mean our site — sorry Rob).  Rob and I go back and forth on some of this stuff, but I really want to have a “Naked Conversation” about this.  I like what Rob and I have built here, but it is far from perfect, and we are determined to be in a constant state of change to make it better for you, our readers.  We are already looking toward our next major update, and want input!  So here is your chance to offer “CONSTRUCTIVE” criticism.  Please don’t bash us, my self esteem is already low enough trying to deal with Rob’s 25 to 1 post ratio to me!  :-)  We honestly want to hear from you what we are doing wrong, and what is right, plus what we are just not doing that you would like to see us do.

Anyway, here are a couple of things I do not like:

  1. I hate our navigation structure,  This has several components.  I do not like the link sections on the right, they do not seem to highlight “Cool Stuff” like I would want to.  How else can we do this?  The categories on the left aren’t bad, but I would prefer some type of DHTML nouse (or pen) over action that would keep me from having to click to see content, and maybe locate it on the top instead of the side of the pages.  Plus, it is hard to get multilevel too far with that.  I want easy to navigate, no matter how much work it takes Rob to program!  Ideas?
  2. I think things roll off of our front page too quickly, and items that could have a longer shelf life of interest disappear too quickly.  Limiting the home page is necessary for page loding performance reasons, so it must be done.  We need to figure out a way to highlight the longer interest stuff.  We do not want all that brilliance to disappear into the night too quickly.
  3. Overall theme is pretty spartan.  We were in a hurry to launch, so we found a dasBlog theme that was okay (very limited selection), and went with it.  I would prefer to see more shape and images that are not rectangluar or square.  Any designers wanna take a shot at a new design scheme for us?
  4. I hate NOT having forums.  I want forums.  They are such a great way to have lively conversation.  Maybe later, whatcha think?  I can attack Rob the Apple fanboy much easier there, and I so enjoy doing it!
  5. Softgoods / hardgood pages.  Most of you probably did not even know they existed.  Good, there’s not much there!   So why are we bothering?  One of those things that makes you go hmmmmmmmm.  What would you like to see there?

That’s just a couple.  How about some likes?

  1. Logo.  I like it, it just needs to be done a bit higher res.  I’d also like to see us use the mobile star guys by themselves to highlight stuff!  They are pretty awesome little dudes, and they deserve the spotlight.
  2. Feeds, feeds, feeds.  It’s nice to be able to subscribe to a particular category and follow discussions there.  No wanna wasta my time or yours!
  3. Content!  I think we have great content.  We had a long conference call today with Rob, Warner and I, and there is more premium content coming, so keep your eyes out!  Couldn’t convince Rob to do that speedo ad layout, but hey, we can’t have everything.  He wanted Warner to do it, but man…, can you imagine?
  4. Search — works great!  I like to be able to quickly locate info when I need it.  The more posts we get, the better that will be.  I lose so much stuff I need more search capability in my life.
  5. The team – Rob, Warner and I work well together.  I enjoy them both.  No Warner, in spite of my saying that, we will not do a group hug.

Anyway, that is the end of my weird post.  Please tell us what YOU think.  If you really only see our content via feeds, you still should have an opinion on content, format, etc.  Give it up man!  We want it!

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