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If you have been around this site much at all you will know our passion for Tablet PC’s, UMPC’s and general mobile devices and accessories.  We love the stuff.  There is so much to talk about, and we have a prety good and diverse team bringing you that news from a number of perspectives and usage scenarios.

Do you have any idea where we get all this news and information?  Through the network of enthisiasts of course.  Besides our own original content, editorials and such, we scour the blogosphere for the discoveries that others make to share with you as well. So it is easy to say that we love Tablet and UMPC bloggers!  The more the merrier we say, and we like to help promote those people who are making the effort to share their experiences and discoveries as well.  Blogging can be a lot of work at times, and by promoting each others efforts, we do indeed get the word out to more people who need this information, and nothin motivates a blogger more than knowing people have been able to read and utilize the information they provide.  Hmmm, so if I blog, and you respond to my blog, then I blog more, which equals more good information out there for us all.  Seems like a win-win to me!

It is along those lines that I’d like to share with you another new blogger that we hope will continue to produce good material.  Amrith Kandlur of Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia has been using Tablet PC’s for a while, and recently went through an update on his M400 to Vista.  He is blogging that experience, and in particular recently challenging Toshiba’s interpretation of battery time.

I personally enjoy reading of people’s experience as they migrate to Vista, and Amrith is doing a good job with this so far, including his experience with a couple of his favorite applications.  Looks to me like he is just getting warmed up!

So go check out Amrith’s Mobility Blog, subscribe to his RSS feed and let’s encourage his efforts as well.  When he does it right, comment and let him know, and when he makes a mistake, help his education with a kindly posted correction.  I am sure he will appreciate your efforts as well.

See ya in the blogosphere.

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