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GottaBeMobile March InkShow, Shortcut and Podcast Roundup



SpringtimeSpring is springing and lately so is our InkShow, Shortcut, and Podcast action (although we’ve been remiss in publishing podcasts recently.) We missed the February Roundup due to some crazy scheduling challenges as the GBM Team has all been pulled in a myriad of directions, so this month’s roundup will backtrack a bit and list February’s as well.

We covered some interesting hardware and software in February and March ranging from the Toshiba M700 Tablet PC to the Motion F5 Slate Tablet PC. Sierra’s InkShows on the iLiad eBook Reader also attracted quite a bit of attention. And lo, and behold, there were actually a couple of InkShows on exciting Tablet PC software (more and more a rarity these days) including PDF Annotator and the new EverNote.

So, here’s the lineup in case you missed any of the action, and rest assured, things are starting to line up for all of our schedules and we’ll have more coming your way soon.

All InkShows and Podcasts are sponsored by TechSmith:

GBM InkShows



  • PDF Annotator 2.0: Rob takes a look at the latest from Grahl Software’s popular PDF annotating program
  • The New EverNote: Warner takes a look at what he calls ““a real game changer” withe EverNote’s cross platform and web versions.
  • OneNote Favorites Powertoy: Matt takes a look at the new Powertoy for OneNote tjat allows you to quickly grab and search for favorites.


  • GBM Podcast #46: The Cloud, the Tease, and the UMPC. Sierra and Warner cover a wide range of topics from cloud computing to and some new hardware.
  • GBM Podcast #47: Talking with Microsoft’s Tablet PC Team, Part I. Rob sits down with Josh Clow, Jay Pittman, and Patrick HaluPtzok and talks about The Tablet PC Tip and handwriting recogniton.

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