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GottaBeMobile members had a "Mini-Meetup" of sorts



So here is the story:

I was going up in Chicago for my ‘day job’ and remembered the post of GBM Team member Warner getting his training wheels on a Segway…  He had met up with GBM forum member Skip while on holiday over his Christmas vacation.  So I decided , the day before I left, to contact Skip and try and get together with him to talk Tablet PC’s.  I didn’t really expect to have the Segway ride because it was supposed to rain the whole time, but I wanted to meet up with him anyway…

Well, It ended up that the rain broke when Skip was on his way – so he packed up the Segways and came over to where I was staying…  I have to say that it was TONS of fun!  Skip gave the training session and I was on my way (even got my boss on there as well :))

The conversation after the ride was just as fun.  It was nice to sit down with somebody else that has the same interest in Tablet PC’s and what they offer.  During the conversation the craziest thing happed:

Stranger as he was walking by: Hey, is that a LE1600?

Skip: Sure is

(Skip and I think he is just interested in Tablet PC’s at this point)

Stranger: I am looking for the LE1700 to come out, maybe with the Santa Rosa chip in it.  Oh, is that an x60t you are using?

(Skip and I know he is a little more into Tablet PC’s)

Skip:  I have been looking at upgrading to it as well, but it’s kind of expensive

Stranger:  Yeah, I have been reading about it in the forums and websites

(Of course I have to jump in now)

Matt: What forums and sites?

Stranger:  Oh, I have GottaBeMobile as my home page and read JK as well.

WOW things just got really weird!!  Turns out that GBM Forum member Doug, “dpeters” in the forums, was staying at the same hotel!!  Just by chance he was in town for his real job as well.

Needless to say we sat in the hotel lobby and talked for about 4 hours.  We even talked to Warner via MSN messenger for a while too – he was playing on the new Gateway Tablet PC.  It was really nice to have an impromptu ‘Mini GBM Meetup’ in a hotel lobby.  Sorry for no pictures, but we really didn’t think all this was going to transpire… 

Oh, and Doug – make sure you send us a picture of your new Splotch!!

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