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GottaBeMobile November InkShow and Podcast Roundup



WinterwarmthWinter is fast approaching and a great way to prepare for the cold days ahead is to store up some InkShows, Shortcuts, an Podcasts for those cold and snowy days when you just want to sit bundled up by a warm fire. November was a month full of GBM video and audio action, so you’re got lots to choose from. We covered the gamut from CradlePoint Technology’s Celluar Router to a show down on the OQO Model 02 between an SSD drive and a Hard Drive. We took a look at the Vye S37, and Warner’s wife got into the action with a look at the Asus Eee PC. The Podcasts kept coming even if the ““Old Man” of the team kept complaining, and Rob took some good looks at the Amazon Kindle in GBM Shortcuts.  So check out the November lineup and let us know your comments.

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GBM November InkShows

  • Intro to Speech Recognition and Navigation: Matt Faulkner walks through the basics of Vista’s Speech Recognition and Voice Command.
  • CradlePoint Technology’s Celluar Router: Rob Bushway shows you how to connect with this mobile router.
  • MacBook and Touch: With all the talk about Apple possibly releasing a Tablet like device, Rob Bushway offers his thoughts on why the OSX interface would need some tweaking before that could work on a Mac.
  • OQO Model O2 SSD vs HDD: Solid State or spinning platters. Rob points out the advantages a SSD drive offers mobile users on an OQO Model 02.
  • My Wife and the Asus Eee PC: Warner’s wife, Thomasin, is the perfect candidate for an Asus Eee PC. She tries it out, right out of the box with some surprising results.
  • The Vye S37: Warner Crocker checks out the Vye S37 Ultra-Mobile PC. Give me some Inking somebody!

GBM November Shortcuts

A triple take on the Amazon Kindle and a look at the Asus Eee PC.

GBM November  Podcasts

November was also a month for some fun GBM Podcast action, as somehow, the young whipper snappers who work for GBM get the silly notion that Warner is some kind of Old Guy. We only managed to squeeze two podcasts out in the month, (we were busy preparing Thanksgiving feasts) but we’ll be back in all our glory in December.

  • GBM Podcast #40: The Old Man and The Sea. Warner Crocker and Rob Bushway talk about the Tablet PC 5 Year Anniversary (hey somebody’s got to talk about it, because Microsoft sure isn’t), and also christen the new GBM Forum Member of the Month acknowledgment.
  • GBM Podcast #39: The Forever Young Show. Rob Bushway and Matt Faulkner cover a range of topics from the Asus Eee PC and the new designs for mobile devices that are popping up everywhere.

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