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GottaBeMobile Podcast #16, "The Wow Show"!



 Well, the Three GBM Podcasting Tableteers are not together on this show, but you still have the Dynamic Tablet Duo!  Our buddy Poogie Ortega (otherwise known as Hugo — I gotta hear the story on that name) is out and about this week running around doing his techie mobile device thing and having breakfast with bloggers at Cebit Australia, so instead of talking TO him, we talked ABOUT him (And Rob also  :-))!

Warner and I had a great conversation this week, and there is a lot going on in GBM news and forums, but we especially hit it pretty hard on Rob’s recent “Wow” posts and subsequent activities.  I also went on a bit of a rant on the Vista Tablet features that lots of folks seem to be missing out on, so tune it for all that great conversation between Dennis and “Pookie-Smoochie Pumpkin Pie Face”, otherwise known as Warner Crocker.  We told a few lies, had some fun, and ragged on Rob a bit.  How much more fun can we have? 

News items this week:

 Forums Discussion:

  • Ubuntu with Tablet (Eve N.)
  • X60 Goes Core 2 Duo (GiuX) [does it or doesn’t it?)
  • What do to while waiting?( Stefan Mueller)
  • Excessive disk activity on startup (stevent)

Main Topic this week:

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We missed you this week Hugo! (but he’ll be back next week I am sure!).

We’ll see you again next week with show #17!

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