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GottaBeMobile Podcast #19 – "The Poogie StormTrooper Show"



My oh my, the momentum is certainly building as the PodCast team of Hugo, Warner and Dennis do each show.  We are having way too much fun.  There are a ton of good things to talk about nowadays, and when we add the different perspectives that we each bring to the discussion, it gets most interesting.  This week we took on a number of diverse subjects.  From new product announcements, to sharing realtime experience on devices we are using, there is something for all in this show.  We won’t tell you why the show is titled, “The Poogie StormTrooper Show”, you will have to give a listen and discover that, but suffice it to say it was worth Podcasttriodiscussing.  If you are interested in the new OQO Model 02, this show will be of particular interest as well, we spent some time on that subject discussing the merits and proper positioning of that device (and Hugo’s awesome InkShow on it), as well as the new Fujitsu UMPC.

Like I said, it was a fun show, and we hope you enjoy it as well!

Here’s the notes for show #19:

News topics this week:

  1. GBM and OQO model 02 in da house Hugo gets one — (and so does Dennis )
  2. Dell announces their Tablet PC – ““We’re coming!”

Forum topics discussed:

  1. The Perfect Tablet PC? – Design Your Dream Tablet PC (Rob Bushway)
  2. How to sell (or not sell) a Tablet PC – Poor Tablet PC Marketing (primbs)
  3. Excellent Ink implementation – Mathjournal/XThink Information & Experience (Steve S)
  4. Pressure sensitivity 101 – Pressure Levels Upgrade to 512? (Karass)

The “Main” topic this week:

Consumer vs vertical markets. Are Dell (and others) missing the mark?

Enjoy the Show!

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