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GottaBeMobile Podcasting again! Show #14 (or is it #1?) hits the airwaves!



Yeah, yeah, I know, it’s not really show #1, but it feels that way since we have made a new committment!  This is actually #14 for our team.  We have done a few sporadic Podcasts in the past, but now we really mean it.  Dennis Rice and Warner (what is that guy’s last name?  Oh yeah, not I got it) Crocker have made a committment to do around 4 of these shows a month, so get your subscription while it is hot!

 In this show, we have a special guest, none other than our new teamie, Hugo (aka Poogie!) Ortega from Australia.  We hope that Hugo will be joining us for more of these shows, as will the other members of the GottaBeMobile team.  In addition, in the future, we are working on a list of special guests that we hope to get some commentary on as well, so you wanna be keeping an eye out on this little podcast folks!

Join us as now we just have a great chat about a few Tablet PC and UMPC related topics!  Here  are the show notes and a few links for you to follow along on as we share our thoughts:

News items this week:

Forum topics of the week:

  • Josh Einstein’s OneNote Calendar
  • Asus and Vista: Stress that my order works for some, not for others
  • Comparison of active and passive digitizers
  • Forum reorganization to highlight GBM Premium Content
  • Need Prayer for a GottaBeMobile reader

Download or listen to the Audio Inkshow Here (35mb, 34:28, mp3 format) or you can subscribe to our Audio Inkshows in iTunes.

Our thanks to Hugo for joining us (both on the team and on the call!).

We’ll see you again next week with show #2!

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