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GottaBeMobile Software Inkshow: The New York Times Reader



Extra, Extra, read all about it! The New York Times Reader is an excellent vehicile for reading the news on your Tablet PC or Ultra Mobile PC.  And if you are a news junkie like I am this is a great digital way to get your fix. Not only is this an excellent delivery vehicle for the news, but it offers a great example of what I believe we will be seeing in the future with applications that are Inknotenytimesbuilt on the Windows Presentation Foundation. The text and graphics render beautifully and quickly and it is truly a delight to use this piece of software. The New York Times Reader is still in Beta, but it is definitely a Beta worth checking out in my opinion.

As I note in the InkShow, I wanted to show this working on my Asus R2H Ultra-Mobile PC, but alas, that hope fell victim to the fact that we still haven’t seen Vista drivers from Asus yet, and the application does crash when I try to use in on the R2H. Not a fault of the Times Reader, near as I can tell, but a driver conflict issue.

Timing is indeed everything, but it is interesting to note that in the InkShow I mention that I would love to see other print publications use a similar vehicle for digital versions. I also mention that I think it might prove very cumbersome if every print publication considering such an option created their own reader. Check out this post to read about three publishing companies that have just released similar applications based on the WPF. 


Video: All The News That’s Fit To Read: The New York Times Reader


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