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GottaBeMobile, Ultra Portables and the "Regis and Kelly Show"



It is always interesting to see our favorite devices being shown in national broadcasts.  We have all talked many times about spotting Tablet PC’s, etc. on TV, but it is even more exciting when we at GottaBeMobile are able to help influence the presence of a device!  Let me explain.

A few weeks ago, I received a communication from a gentleman named Ronald Ronsberg in SanFrancisco who is with ABC Broadcasting.  Ron does radio broadcasts on tech tools and topics, but another of his interesting roles is to help select equipment for ABC television coverage.  On this day, he was asking about potential “ultraportable” computers to be featured on the Regis and Kelly show during their  Technology week the last week of January.  The host for this was to be none other than Leo Laporte, (you ought to know that name from Screen Savers, TWIT TV, etc.), and he had requested that Ron find good equipment for the show.

Ron and I had a great conversation about what was hot and what was not (in our opinions, which did not always agree :-)), but he was mostly interested in what new things I saw at CES.  One of the machines that he was not aware of yet was the Toshiba R400  (which we have not received an eval unit of yet — shame on you Toshiba).  I highly recommended that they put it on the show and supplied contact information for the Toshiba PR firm we have been dealing with.  Lo and behold, the machine made it on the show, and Leo did a good job of showing it with the little time he had, although not much was mentioned of the tablet ability.  He also covered the OQO-2, and the Sony UX, plus other portables.  Good job Leo!

It was nice to be a part of the process, and we hope to hear more from Ron and Leo as they explore these products on the big tube!  You never know where GBM has had their say nowadays, huh?  :-) 

Here is the YouTube video for your viewing pleasure:



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