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GottaBeMobile Vista and Office 2007 Coverage: A Retrospective



Vista_logo_2Unless you’ve been in a cave, under a rock, or doing a Rip Van Winkle over the last year or so, you know that the consumer release of Microsoft’s Vista and Office 2007 has finally occurred or is about to depending on your time zone.

We’ve already seen reams of digital and conventional ink written about Vista and Office 2007, good and bad. I’m sure over the next few months we’ll see much more, good and bad. We’ve experienced release delays, bad info, good info, corrected info, betas, Release Candidates, silly naming conventions (no I still won’t use the small ‘s’), and the ever increasing cry of “Where are the drivers?” There has even been a Vista Song. It has been quite a ride. Intriguingly in the immediate run-up to the release we haven’t seen that much Office 2007 coverage as the bright spotlight seems to be on Vista.

Here at we’ve been experimenting with the various releases of Vista and Office 2007 and most of the team has been running Vista on one machine or the other since RTM last fall. We’ve left a lot of blood on the bleeding edge. Along the way we’ve produced a number of Inkshows of the various Tablet PC and mobile features. We’ve also written quite a few posts regarding our thoughts.

Here is a list of the Vista and Office 2007 related Inkshows, as well as some of the posts that I find intriguing as I look back.






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